Books currently available:  
  1. Fisherman's Guide to the Cosmic Order                        
    (revised version of original)
  2. Science & Cosmic Order: A New Prospectus              
    (academic science)
  3. Downsizing Darwin: An Intelligent Face for
    Evolution                (new methodology)
  4. Enlightened Management & the Organizational
    Imperative (business)
  5. The Hall of Two Truths
(A novel with a cosmic theme)
Escape From Purgatory
(A fantasy adventure in heaven)
 Being Wholeness and Cosmic Order
(Making sense of God's revelations)
Introduction to
The System
System 3
System 4

The System

Physics & System 3

Biology of the Cell, Organs & Host Human Being

The Nervous System & System 4

Evolution New
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