God Reveals the Cosmic Order

A chronicle of the cosmic experiences
explicitly orchestrated by God to reveal
how the cosmic order works to determine
the whole of creation and how we are able
to see and experience it.

I was standing in the middle of a room
when everything vanished completely,
then God appeared and used the quantum
energies of the Void transcending and
subsuming the whole of creation so that
I shared in His mind to the extent that
He willed to show me how it all works,
including the human nervous system.

The book describes efforts to understand
a series of these very rare experiences
orchestrated by God over two decades.

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God Reveals The Cosmic Order
Being Wholeness and Comic Order
A Revelation

Robert Campbell 2017

Foreword …A New Avenue of Hope
Chapter 1…Organic Ecstasy and the Face of Humanity
    Chapter Summary
    General Comment
    A Study of Business Organization
    The Organic Union Experience
    The other Side of Organic Union
    Summary Analysis of Organic Union

Chapter 2…God Reveals the Cosmic Order
    Chapter Summary
    The Void
    God Appears
    Self and Other on a Cosmic Scale
    God is Supreme Consuming the Void
    Bottomless Wells in the Void
    Some Memories Have Eternal Value
    Bursts of Holistic Knowing
    Snakes of Emotional Energy
    A Search for Rational Understanding Begins
Chapter 4…More Divine Guidance
   Chapter Summary
   Circles Between Inside and Outside and The System
   System 2 and the Void Revisited
   The System is Unique
   Giant Steps in the Void
   Vision of Emotions
   Three Separate Brains
   The Work of MacLean and Others
   The Conscious Spinal Cord
   Archetypal Form to the Form of the Body
   Relativity and Number Theory
   A Cosmic Insight into the History of Mathematics
   Mathematical Identities
   An Enteric Purge
   More Reading and a Boat