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Robert Campbell 2005
System 4 Terms
Inside Our Three Brains

System 4 is an elaboration of System 3. It can be applied directly to understanding evolutionary processes in a
manner precisely consistent with the empirical evidence. This includes the evolution of the biosphere and
human evolution. System 4 allows us to see how the human nervous system works to integrate meaning in an
evolving way, synapse by synapse. The human nervous system has itself evolved structurally in exact accord
with how the cosmic order works. A complete account of the correspondence between the human nervous
system and System 4 is given in
Science & Cosmic Order: A New Prospectus. A more readable general
account is given in
Fisherman's Guide to the Cosmic Order.  There are also detailed articles on the website.

The animation below illustrates the pattern of synchronous Term transformations of System 4.

Note: System 4 is generated by four active interfaces between a universal inside and outside, neither of which
can be known to the exclusion of the other. All we can ever know is the active interface or surface between them.
Even the workings of our nervous system depends on interface processes with external input of light, sound,
touch, etc., and between cells across synapses and so on. For simplicity active interfaces are called Centers
because they exhibit an active center inside in relation to a periphery outside. For a more complete development
of these System basics see the article
Unified Theories, Fantasy & Cosmic Order.

  • System 4 is generated by 4 centers and only nine ways that they can relate subjectively and objectively.
  • The nine possible ways are numbered as Terms and the terms transform into one another as shown.
  • Two universal sets of centers (yellow) each have their own transform sequence, but they work together.
  • Three particular sets of centers (red, green, blue) transform sequentially through six of the terms.
  • There is a reciprocating pattern that repeats every four transform steps to generate one cycle.
  • The universal terms are shown at the corners of the triad within the term circle to help show how it all works.
  • The basis of meaning derives from how energy flows between the centers that define each term.
  • The universal terms (9,3,6) are infinite as indicated by their numerical inverse.(eg. 1/3 = 0.3333333 etc.)
  • Term 9 is the universal hierarchy and the primary universal set.
  • In the secondary universal set, Term 3 is the transference of idea into corporeal form, Term 6.
  • The particular terms are shown at the corners of the six pointed pattern through which they transform.
  • The six fold pattern is also infinite as indicated by the inverse of the memory Term 7 (1/7=0.14285714etc.)
  • Many multiples of three particular sets may follow one another in parallel through the sequence, all in step.
  • The terms switch between two modes, one a conditioned response, and one anticipating the future.
  • The conditioned mode is called expressive. The anticipating mode is called regenerative.
  • The three particular sets thus integrate past input with future direction, spanning space and time.
  • A perceptual axis through the universal triad determines a subjective to objective bias to how terms work.
  • The universal triad shifts and inverts with each transformation of Term 9 to and from a universal Term 8.
  • In this way collective resources are equitably distributed to many particular needs in particular Terms 8.
  • These resources are integrated within the corporeal body, Term 6, since it coheres with universal Term 8.
  • Then Term 6 inverts to a universal future idea Term 2, integrating many particular ideas, Terms 2, as one.
  • A universal shift transformation occurs in the last step of each cycle. Both universal sets shift together.
  • Within each cycle only one universal set transforms in each step, giving continuity to each matrix cycle.
  • At the end of each cycle both sets shift to their original positions. Particular sets continue their sequences.
  • Only one cycle is shown. It takes three cycles for particular sets to return to their original places.
  • This comes with new input from the environment via Term 4, which relates the matrix to the environment.
  • Three cycles are required for each particular set to complete both expressive & regenerative sequences.
  • This 12 step sequence has 7 expressive & 5 regenerative terms. Term 8 is always expressive.
  • It is the pivot where simulated responses of future wishes are conditioned according to past circumstance.
  • Resources are assured for the needed action Term 8 according to the prior integrated Term 2 idea.
  • When particular Terms 2 transform to needed response via Terms 8 they then move on to act in Terms 5.
  • This creative matrix of term interactions proceeds in precise accord with the empirical evidence.
  • It is also consistent with an elaboration of System 3. Via System 3 it is synchronized with the universe.
  • Term 7 links System 4 to the Void as memories recalled from the timeless quantum sensorium void of form.
  • Term 7 is tensionally coupled to Term 4, input from the environment. Memories relate to ongoing needs.
  • In this way recalled memories link old ideas to perceived needs and new input via Terms 1 and Terms 4.
  • Three Polar relationships provide insight into the creative process through three particular polar pairs.
  • The polarity between Terms 2 and 7 provide insight int the potential dimension.
  • The polarity between Terms 4 and 5 provide insight into the commitment dimension.
  • The polarity between Terms 1 and 8 provide insight into the performance dimension.
  • It is not essential  to understand System 4 to see how this works in our social organizations.
  • The higher systems, higher than System 4, are all elaborations of System 4 (the enneagram).
  • For example, System 5 has 20 terms that consist of two interacting Systems 4, one open and one closed.
  • They show how the closed subjective autonomic system relates to the objective somatic nervous system.
  • Two more universal terms integrate this dynamic interaction that fuels energy patterns for specific actions.
  • All are subsumed and nested within System 1, so that it remains one expression of the cosmic order.
  • The three letter genetically coded  language is also implicit in the three cycles of System 4.
  • Through Term 7 the technique of specific actions are encoded in protein synthesis as a referent to recall.
  • This takes us within the dynamics of the living cell, where nine terms can also be identified.
  • This provides a living insight into cell biology, how it is integrated with the host organism and with evolution
  • The System underlies the whole of experience, embracing all possible varieties of experience.   
  • An involutiuonary variant of the System works to undermine the evolutionary variant and feeds on it.
  • This variant  inverts values by exchanging positions between Centers 3 and 4 in the particular terms.
  • This alternate System 4 is initiated in Term 1 where Routines may be seen as ends in themselves.
  • Yet the involutionary and evolutionary variants share referents allowing the former to be redeemed.
  • So moral issues are implicit in the way it all works. If the former feeds on the latter to excess it fragments.
A visual picture and brief explanation of the nine terms is given in
System 4 Terms.
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