Unified Theories, Fantasy & Cosmic Order
Published in the ANPA (philosophy of physics) proceedings held August 2008 at Cambridge UK
Robert Campbell
Gravity, Quantum Relativity & System 3
The Cosmic Order as a New Methodology:

This interpretation of atoms and space-time is not another arbitrary metaphysical construction in language that is
contrived independently of the empirical evidence after the fact. It is necessarily demanded by the structural
dynamics of System 3 as it relates directly to the evidence. The System of representing the cosmic order is
structurally required as a subsumed elaboration of System 1. The requirements are implicit in the nature of
Universal Wholeness. If there is such a thing as universal wholeness it is a priori to the practice of science, not a
posteriori. Humans do not invent it. The System is both ontologically and epistemologically consistent because it
offers direct intuitive insight into the structural dynamics of the cosmic order and it can find direct confirmation in
phenomenal experience in either the public or private domain or both.

Since it does not divorce the practice of physics from the interpretation of physics, it can provide specific direction
to the physical sciences as well as to the biological sciences. The biological sciences are elaborated upon by
Systems 4 and higher. Specific intuitive insight into the cosmic order as it relates to any circumstance can
specifically lead research efforts with greater precision and breadth of application. It is a new methodology that
can expand the horizons of science in more positive ways. It is a methodology that has universally consistent
application. Otherwise we are forever left to the vagaries of any number of contrived metaphysical interpretations
that are mutually exclusive, of limited value, and divorced from the practice of science.  
Universals and Particulars:

The particular center in System 2 is also monolithic since it designates only one particular kind of being.  
Objective phenomena in the natural world that share a common outside are not all the same. We see an
unlimited variety of things although nothing in phenomenal experience is completely unique. Everything is one
particular thing of a universal kind of which there are many.

The rift in universal wholeness thus also requires that particular things must correspond to hierarchically
organized universals of particular kinds. There are universal archetypes of plants, invertebrates, and
vertebrates, each with hierarchically subsumed archetypes such as class, order, family, genus and species.  

Particular things quantitatively define their physical existence in relation to their universal qualities. For example
we may say Rover is a dog. He is quantitatively defined as one member of an archetypal kind known as the dog
species. A daisy is a flower. Bill is a human. The Earth is a planet. The sun is a star. That is the way we normally
identify everything.

In a Platonic sense this means that there are universal archetypal forms that transcend physical existence. In an
Aristotelian sense these universals are confined within the particular manifestations of them. Both views are
correct. Every particular thing is clothed in atoms and molecules that take a specific form consistent with a
universal archetype. This is true even of things that we create. There are many makes and models of TV sets
but they are all consistent with the archetypal plan of how all TV sets work. The archetypal plan is still something
distinct from a particular TV set and yet the plan is clearly evident within it.
The Universal Center Option and a Rift in Wholeness:

In the second option everything shares a common inside or center. This leads to a very different interpretation of
how phenomenal experience is structured to function. If there is such a thing as universal wholeness it must admit
of separate phenomena in experience. It must admit of both a subjective and an objective aspect to all
experience. Every thing must have both an inside and an outside. And both the inside and outside must be
universally shared. (See the diagram of System 1.)
System 3
System 4
System 4 Terms
Quantum Atoms & Cosmology
Atoms, Space-time & System 3
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    systems these phenomena in the private domain are possible. This work comes directly from a highly unusual series of
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    structure and function of the human nervous system synapse by synapse.   
Introduction to the System