About the author: I originate from Northern Ontario, of pioneer
ancestry in a small wilderness farming area, then without electricity.
Primary school education was in a two room school, grades 1 to 5 in
one room, grades 5 to 10 in another. I entered an accelerated
program that combined grades 7 & 8 in a small city some 40 miles
distant, where I completed 5 more years of secondary school, the
requirement then for continuing to university. I graduated with an
applied science degree (BASc 1958) from the University of Toronto
and became a chemical process engineer. I have many years of
engineering and management experience in the Oil and Gas
industries in Canada, Libya and Saudi Arabia. I have traveled
extensively in America, Europe, Africa and Asia and currently live with
my UK wife in Thailand.

This writing has ensued from a profound series of revelatory insights
into the cosmic order that began over forty years ago. The first,
described in Fisherman’s Guide and in a website article, explicitly
demonstrated how the creative process works and subsequent
insights came to assist in finding ways to communicate it. The insights
were never capricious and related specifically to this task. They did
not relate specifically to religion. They became less frequent and
eventually ceased as the task progressed and the essential elements
became indelibly clear in my mind. Although assimilated into ordinary
experience the insights are still very much alive in me.  

The insights resulted from a persistent quest into organization
structure in business that extended to the organization of
phenomenal experience generally. They were extremely intense,
completely transparent, and visually and experientially explicit. They
embraced the whole of experience, transcending and subsuming the
physical creation in space and time. Nothing was hidden. Although
they came in response to an intensive quest into the fundamentals of
organization structure in business, they embraced the whole cosmic
order without employing language. The roots of meaning inherent in
language derive from the way the cosmic order works so that
everything demonstrated related directly to phenomenal experience
of every kind. This required a comprehensive review of how left-brain
language based knowledge relates to the right-brain intuitive
perception of being.  

A lifetime of research into the physical and biological sciences and
their philosophical underpinnings was required. This was necessary
in order to rationally understand and communicate specifically how
the cosmic order works in a manner consistent with the empirical
evidence of our ordinary experience as well as with the scientifically
established factual evidence. This new methodology facilitates direct
insight into the structural dynamics of the creative process in a way
that complements traditional approaches to science. It can enhance
the value and reach of science.

Value of the work: This work is of practical value to layman and
academic alike, without imposing a specific ideology. It expands
scientific horizons and it can enrich one's religious beliefs, whatever
they may be. It lends meaning and direction to everyday life while
offering a pragmatic new way to understand our place in the cosmos.
It is more than a philosophy. It opens the doors of direct perception
into the dynamics of the creative process and creation.

Of special importance, the work specifically offers new approaches to
develop our sciences and technologies in sustainable ways that
enhance the quality and meaning of life. It is not a new
pseudoscience concocted on blind beliefs that lead to no practical
benefit. Rather it requires and facilitates direct personal insight into
structural dynamics of phenomenal experience. It translates directly
into real results that resolve many of the current mysteries and
problems confronting science. It is a science of life that precisely
delineates how intelligent processes work. Practical new methods
emerge naturally, led by intuitive insight consistent with the empirical
evidence. It is a universal methodology that can complement
traditional approaches to science to great advantage.  

A solitary contribution: These efforts have been a solitary
endeavor by the author since the inception of the work over four
decades ago, without affiliation with organizations of any kind. The
work has been financed solely through the author's employment and
personal savings and it has not  resulted in financial profit to the
author. I am not a guru and I have no following. The ideas contained
in the books and articles are simply offered for their practical worth to
any and all who may find them of interest and value. That is the way
the ideas were so freely and awesomely offered to me. There was no
explicit injunction associated with the insights and there is nothing
special about me. I am just passing on a gift that was bestowed for
reasons unknown.

Note: This page updated October 23, 2008.
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