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Apart from the Amazon Kindle book Escape From Purgatory I
currently send the books out as free email attachments. Simply
send me an email requesting a book or books and I will briefly reply
with them attached. If you want hard copies I can provide them
approximately at cost but the attachments are more convenient. If
you want them I will provide details as to where to send payment.

Note: The Hall of Two Truths is also available through, and

Your comments or suggestions are also welcome. I will try to  
answer any questions as time permits. To get more information or
to order books you may contact me directly:
Three books above
$30 US,Can, Aus
!5 GBP
Including mailing
Downsizing Darwin
$20 US,Can,Aus.
10 GBP.
Including Mailing.
Ebook order at
Amazon Kindle
Current Amazon
price $9.50.