Books currently available:  
  1. Fisherman's Guide to the Cosmic Order                        
    (revised version of original)
  2. Science & Cosmic Order: A New Prospectus              
    (academic science)
  3. Downsizing Darwin: An Intelligent Face for Evolution                
    (new methodology)
  4. Enlightened Management & the Organizational Imperative
  5. The Hall of Two Truths
(A novel with a cosmic theme)
Escape From Purgatory
(A fantasy adventure in heaven)
God Reveals the Cosmic Order
(Making sense of God's revelations)
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Physics & System 3

Biology of the Cell, Organs & Host Human Being

The Nervous System & System 4

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The guiding insights:
The original Fisherman's Guide introduced how the cosmic order
works as explicitly revealed in an awesome series of cosmic insights
described in the book, that came at age 32 in 1968. A way of
delineating the cosmic order was visually and experientially
demonstrated by the Supreme Source of All Being through the
medium of the void, embracing the whole of creation. A description of
this Cosmic Revelation is given at a link below. These revelatory
experiences focused on the structural dynamics of how the cosmic
order works and thus how it relates to the sciences and nervous
system, with profound spiritual implications. .   

Practical reconciliation:
As a skeptic by nature, and a chemical  engineer by profession, this
demanded reconciliation with our normally accepted social and
scientific frameworks of understanding. The spiritual insights were not
the result of religious or spiritual training, nor did they focus
specifically on religion. Yet they embraced both the central essence of
all the world's spiritual traditions and also the foundations of our
physical and biological sciences. The writing that has ensued has
required a lifetime of scientific study and intimate familiarity with
diverse cultures and religions of the world.  

A new paradigm:
In short, a new universal paradigm of understanding, bridging both
science and religion, is offered in a way that is not dependent on
language. This provides a far more fundamental context that can
broaden our horizons and enrich our experience, regardless of our
diverse cultural traditions or training. It can resolve conflict in
constructive ways by rendering the creative dynamics of all
experience transparent. In the process a fascinating new approach to
the sciences is offered in a practical way never before imagined
General Interest
The System of the Cosmic Order