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New edition of Fisherman’s Guide: A Systems Approach to Creativity and Organization
(Shambhala, Boston, 1985)       
For the general reader

  •  Fishing is used as a vehicle to discuss the cosmic order as conveyed in a revelatory vision.
  •  The whole of science is reviewed in banter between the Sherlock of science and Watson.
  •  The cosmic order is shown to inject new meaning into the physical and biological evidence.
  •  A new cosmology explicitly reveals the evolution of our nervous system and how it works.
  •  The big screen, not the big bang, hosts a cosmic movie with galaxies as creative theaters.
  •  The eternal renewal of solar systems allows sentient beings to emerge with a cosmic role.
  •  A readable account of a fascinating new paradigm that is independent of cultural bias.
  •  It shows how to bring our three brains to a creative and sustainable balance with all.

Special Note: Anyone interested in Gurdjieff's enneagram will find in this book how it derives from the manner in which the cosmic order
proliferates within itself. This leads to a very different expression of the enneagram and its significance, but Gurdjieff himself claimed that
his teaching was a fragmentary and incomplete description of what he called a positive exact science. This work is not  constructed from
Gurdjieff's ideas. It comes from a completely original source, and there have been other expressions of the cosmic order in the past.  I do
make the claim however that this expression of the cosmic order can lead to a positive exact science in the modern idiom, as
demonstrated in Science and Cosmic Order: A New Prospectus and other articles on the website.

ENLIGHTENED MANAGEMENT & the Organizational Imperative   Click for more EM details
       For business readers

  • The ideas are presented in interesting dialogue in story form.
  • The reader becomes the central character as a series of stories unfold, set in Thailand.
  • Cultural evolution is traced through clan, tribe, town, and city, to international corporations.
  • As CEO of a company, circumstances require you to reorganize and grow very fast.
  • You must carefully think through how to structure your large new organization.
  • You learn that there are always six domains in a company that operate in three polar pairs.
  • Each domain must be separately delegated to retain polar insight into 3 guiding dimensions.
  • In this way insight into the potential, commitment, &  performance dimensions is ensured.  
  • Delegation proceeds in four distinct levels of work to translate Idea, through Knowledge and Routine into Form.
  • The structure illustrates how we humans are biologically structured to reflect the workings of the cosmic order.

    For Academics and informed readers

  •  A non-linguistic System delineates precisely how the cosmic order works in complete detail.
  •  The System subsumes and transcends a natural progression of higher Systems nested within it.
  •  Systems 1 & 2 transcend and subsume space & time by relating identity to universal wholeness.
  •  System 3 synchronously projects the physical universe clothed in quantized atoms fused from primary hydrogen.
  •  Insight via System 3 into an alternate mathematical identity renders the most basic laws of physics transparent.   
  •  A new space-time quantum-relativity necessarily follows from System 3 with profound cosmological implications.
  •  System 3 inter-relates galaxies, suns & atoms in physics; and host, organs & cells in biology.
  •  System 4 elaborates on System 3, generating an evolving matrix of 9 terms with expressive and regenerative modes.
  •  System 4 precisely defines how the human nervous system integrates meaning synapse by synapse.
  •  The human nervous system is structured in precise accord with the cosmic order. So is the living cell
  •  Nine interacting terms delineate evolution as an intelligent process explicitly showing how it works.
  •  The evolutionary record clearly exhibits levels of sentient awareness linked to spanning space and time.
  •  New horizons are offered for the whole of science, consistent with the empirical evidence.  

DOWNSIZING DARWIN: An Intelligent Face for Evolution     Click for more DD details
    For the general reader

  •  Part I - A critical review of Richard Dawkins’ book River out of Eden
  •  Arguments for Darwinism as evolution’s sole mechanism are shown to be fatally flawed.
  •  Part II – Introduces a new system of ideas – An Intelligent Face for Evolution.
  •  Atoms are quantized and synchronously projected as discrete frames in a cosmic movie.
  •  Stellar reflux and atomic synthesis are necessarily driven by the angular momentum of galaxies.
  •  Planets focus on chemical processes as opposed to atomic processes in stars.
  •  Organic evolution proceeds in 4 levels, each level having self-similar levels within it - System 4.
  •  Plants, invertebrates, vertebrates, humans - each have four levels of development within.
  •  Four levels within each of the four levels are clearly evident and are outlined in some detail.
  •  Evolutionary destiny concerns integrating history by linking the past to a sustainable future, spanning space & time.
  •  Human evolution has exhausted the second level within the human level, concerned with exploiting resources.
  •  Human survival requires bringing our actions into accord with insight into the cosmic order at the third human level.

THE HALL OF TWO TRUTHS – A Novel       Click for more HTT details
    For the General reader

  •  A tragicomic adventure with a cosmic theme set mostly in the Libyan Sahara.
  •  Forty nationalities strive to rebuild a derelict oil field against impossible odds.
  •  A mystery emerges surrounding a Brit with African blood. Who is he?   
  •  A terrorist plot is hatched amid chaos and revolution at the head waters of the Blue Nile.
  •  Amid many oilfield disasters a strange geophysicist tells of his strange “geophysics.”
  •  Lives are linked in a bizarre effort to thwart the terrorist plot.
  •  The captivating tale illustrates the Weighing of the Heart in The Hall of Two Truths.
  •  Finally the Maltese narrator climbs a mountain of history for a real glimpse into the cosmic order.

ESCAPE FROM PURGATORY - A Novel      Click for more book details
  • An adventurous odyssey of mystery and discovery
  • The story reveals the roots of human values
  • An Amazon Kindle book. To order click here.

GOD REVEALS THE COSMIC ORDER:: A Personal Account    Click for more book details
  • Five days of organic ecstasy
  • Analysis of organic union
  • Seeing God reveal the Cosmic Order
  • Interpreting the first experience with God
  • God employs the Void in more divine experiences
  • Deciphering the System of delineating the cosmic order
  • Demonic influences and redemption
The System of the Cosmic Order
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case basis.  

Degrees of difficulty:
For the general reader.
(2) For the general reader with an interest in science or the cosmic order.
(3) For serious students of the System as it relates to the sciences.
(4) Requires sharp concentration on the System as it relates to biological structures.